If you are looking for a place to stay on your next outdoor adventure, stay where the Team E. Media crew stays! The list below features some of the premiere accomidations the world has to offer at a reasonable price!    

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Coconut Cay
Our resort was built back in the early 1950’s when there wasn’t much here in Marathon. Guests would taxi their planes down to the end of the runway, hop out, and walk over to our hotel for a day or two of relaxation and fishing. As things have changed over the years, our staff has worked diligently to try and maintain a feel of “the way things used to be”. So we welcome you to Marathon in the Heart of the Florida Keys and to Coconut Cay Resort. We provide our guests with an array of things for a day filled with fun

Coral Harbour Beach House & Villas
This is your getaway. Slow your life down. Swing the day away in your hammock. Lounge in the soothing tropical waters of your own beach. Watch as the sun melts away into the sea with a kaleidoscope of color. And just relax.

Just minutes away from Nassau International Airport, but a world away from the hectic streets of downtown Nassau, lies the tranquil ocean lined paradise that is Coral Harbour. This special place, hidden away on the south west (the sunset side) of the island brings a little piece of the Bahamas out islands to the capital, with its miles of unspoiled beach, peaceful mangroves and a myriad of tropical flora and fauna. Coral Harbour is a true escape from everyday life